A Brief Yet Scattered Tale of How I Got Here: Part 1

A sarcastic three sport athlete went to art school. Became part bionic. Spent most hours guarding artwork worth far more than a years salary. Small talked with Yoko Ono. Made some people laugh on stage and off. Experienced traumatic loss. Spent a large chunk of change helping people become literate. Coached a sports team. Lived in the big apple. Oversaw many small children. Spent quality time with Adobe Suite and amazingly angsty teenagers. Got real sick. Lost the ability to walk, see, eat, sleep, breathe, and some friends/family along the way. Experienced profound disappointment, anger, indescribable pain and out of body experiences for a good while only to eventually find what I had all along: resilience, creativity, wit, and an innate magnetism towards linear constructions and fruit. Began picking up the pieces of my life with limited resources. Initially made this site as a way to express myself externally, but if I could help one person dealing with the struggle of health, loss, or being true to yourself, the teacher within me would be proud.

#All of the feels



Check out my original artwork and food sections of this site for tools I’m using to recover from Dysautonomia in the form of POTS, Lyme Disease, Autoimmune Thyroid and late onset Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia.



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