Painting is the best way I’ve found to get along with myself. -Robert Rauschenberg


This series surrounds my interest in epigenetics, neurotransmitters, and the biochemical response to stimuli. The vulnerability involved the creation of this work was invaluable to find strength in the most difficult times. Each piece of this series connects with a neurotransmitter, chakra, fruit, and a memory that was lost but found. I convey each symbol in alternative ways to bridge gestural, organic drawing with structural geometry. 

I have always been drawn to the fluidity of motion and rigidity of line. My work has evolved from images which stem from architectural constructions, many of which allude to geometric forms. The entry point into abstraction exists when forms are overlaid, creating a new, unplanned space. From drawing into painting, my trials within the relationship between precise exactitude and gestural mark making unfold. Always fascinated with the concepts of space, time and the intricate workings of the universe, I find myself investigating the ways in which reality is represented, and the codes and procedures used to achieve its representation by deconstructing images and forms.


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